Owls vs. Crows

Today we played this really fun game called Owls vs. Crows. We were separated into two groups, one owls, and one crows. We were asked a bunch of science based questions like ” abiotic is living organisms”, and if the answer was false, the crows would chase the owls, and if the answer was true, then it was vise versa. We played this at the very end of science, like the last ten minutes. The time before that we were working on our biomes ( last blog ), and then took a walk and played the game. There were safe zones where the other team couldn’t go, and anyone who was tagged outside of the safe zones became part of the other team. The team with the most would win. It was kind of like a tag sort of thing.

Like I said before, we had worked on our projects just before we had come down there, and I talked about that in the last blog. I am a little worried that we aren’t able to finish the website in time, but as long as Emma or me doesn’t get distracted, then I think it will be fine.


  • Is Owls vs. Crows a real game?
  • Will we do another project like this biome one?
  • Will we do another game like this?

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