Sea turtle

Hello. I am a chelonioidea. Most of you will know me as the green sea turtle though. I am currently 17 years old, and I can live up to 70 years. My species can be found all over the world, but I like to live in big coral reefs, because they provide good protection against sharks and lots of food to eat. I am active for all of the day, and have a diurnal cycle, and spend a lot of my time finding food and sleeping. Today, I went exploring outside of my reef and spent most of the day eating. Afterwards, I went back home to my cave in the coral. I did run into a shark today though, and I had to thrush my shell into its mouth to stop it from biting my flippers. Luckily, I was able to get away, and get to my home just in time, where the shark cant fit into. Besides that, I also ran into one of my friends, the cleaner fish. Him and I have a symbiotic relationship. He will go along my back and clean of all the gunk and algae that has gotten onto it. That way, I get clean, and the fish gets a free meal! A Lot of the fish in the coral reef think that I have a very important job in the coral reef, which is why I have a lot of symbiotic relationships. My job is to eat the excess algae and seagrass, so the reef doesn’t get sick and die. As I said before, animals like sharks, and killer whales will feed on me if they have the chance, but those are my only two main predators. The coral reef that i live in provides lots of food too, not just protection. I like to spend most of my time in the sea grass beds and I will travel 50 yards or more in a day to feed. I spend a lot of my time traveling far to feed or to nest, but when I am at my home in the coral, I like to swim along the reef looking for food like excess algae or bits of sea grass. This is a problem that I want to discuss, so I’ll just say it. We are endangered. There are over 85 to 90 thousand nesting females alone, which may seem like a lot, but over 37 thousand green sea turtles die a year from  fishing nets, plastic, hunting, and some of our nesting sites are being destroyed roads and factories and things. Even if our eggs are safe from destruction,the

babies that hatch still could get eaten by crabs or seabirds, and once they are in the ocean they are also a good snack for sharks, dolphins, and carnivorous fish. I also worry a lot about pollution in the ocean. The plastic in the ocean that I see is sometimes mistaken for food, and i realize just in time that it is dangerous, but some are not that lucky. This is what my day was like, and I hope you liked reading it. Bye!

Ocean Pollution

In science class today, we were assigned pro. I was paired in a group with Ellie and Britton. We are doing plastic, and how it is affecting the ocean and what we can do to stop it. We are essentially making a video on plastic in the ocean, and about why it’s so bad, the causes, etc. We watched videos and looked on websites about how it moves through the river, and how it breaks down into chunks so it’s hard to clean it up. There are other groups also who are doing things like pollution on the land and air, dams, poor water sanitation, or diseases. In the group, there is one person who makes the video and two people who are actually in the video.

Everyone in our group wanted to make a video on plastic in the ocean, because that’s what we all liked. Before we were put into these groups, we watched a video explaining this, and it said that plastic is not bio degradable. We made a script explaining the harm that plastic does to animals, specifically turtles, whales, sharks, and sea birds. We then shot the video on Ellie’s computer, with all of reading the video in front of a green screen. After we watched the video, we saw that it didn’t turn out as we had hoped. The lighting was bad, all of couldn’t fit inside the green screen, the quality was bad, and we couldn’t do the animation because there as no time. Even though it didn’t turn out as we had hoped, it was still fun making the video, and it was funny for the first time, because we failed so many times and it was hilarious. Even though the video didn’t turn out like we hoped, it was still fun to make.


  • How much plastic is being dumped into the ocean daily?
  • How much does it cost to clean up the plastic in the ocean?
  • How long does it take for plastic to end up in the ocean?