Mass Over Volume

Before we went on that short virtual school time, we were learning about mass, volume, and density. One

of the activities that we did was we had three different items that we would drop in water, and then see what the water level was after the object was in the water. Before that we would record what level the water was at before we dropped the object in the water. We had partners for this, and mine was Morley, and she did one side of the paper, and I did the other side. The day after that, we had a review to see what we know about mass, volume, and density. I think that I did pretty well on the review, most of it made sense to me. We also watched a short LEGO animation video about Archimedes and the “solid” gold crown. The king was gifted a “solid” gold crown, but Archimedes didn’t believe that it was solid gold, and that the king had been duped. 

After that, crystal and Elizabeth said that a person in our class was getting tested for Corona, so we had to do virtual for a few days, which was worse that I thought, because I was so used to regular school. For this activity, I think that I participated fairly well in this assignment. I think that I could’ve paid attention more, but I think I did fairly well. In the partner project, I would have done each side of the paper together, so that I knew everything instead of one part for the review.  I really liked the partner project and the video, it was really cool to learn about mass, volume, and density.


  • Who created mass, volume, and density?
  • What other kind of experiments could we do with them?
  • Have any other stories like the tale of Archimedes ever happened?

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