Current Biome Project

Today is December 9th, and we are getting pretty far on the project. The box is almost done, but we really need to focus on the website. Emma made a mushroom tree for it and we all thought it was funny. Anyway, I like creating my own website a lot because I’ve never done that before and it’s really cool how you can see how some other people do it. Many other people are getting far on the project, mostly with the box I’ve noticed. Today we switched who worked on what and I think that helped a lot because I wasn’t AS distracted. I did work with a bunch of other people so I did get distracted a lot. Shane says that we are gonna move on soon, so me and Emma can’t get distracted any more if we wanna finish this thing. But overall, I love working on this, though sometimes the website can get boring.

like I said before, I did get distracted a lot, and that thing was annoying, because I didn’t get as much done as I should have. Emma did a good job on the project and the website, and I think with one more day we can finish the model.


  • Who founded wix?
  • What is the next thing we will work on?
  • What kinds of websites are on wix?

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