Start of Biome Project

We just started on a biome project with a partner. My partner was Emma.  We picked a biome out of a bowl and me and her got rainforest. We each had to pick one animal and one plant in the rainforest, and I picked the giant water lily for my plant and an ocelot for my animal. Emma picked monkey brush for her plant and a boa constrictor for her animal. We will have to create a diorama of the biome with the animals and plants included. We also will create a website on this site called wix about our biome, plants, and animals. WE have planed out what the diorama will look like, and have started to divide up what parts of the website each of us will be doing. 

Shane gave us a google doc for our website, and it has questions for our website. On our website, we will answer things like, “how much rain does your biome get, or what are some ways that humans depend on it.” We have to answer the same types of questions for our animals and plants as well. I really think that I’m going to like this project, because we are learning about the amazon rainforest while also doing a model, which I love. Since we just started, we haven’t really started on much yet, but we are doing the website if we don’t have enough supplies to do the diorama. 


  • What will happen if humans cut down the entire amazon rainforest?
  • How many species of animals live in the amazon?
  • Why does the amazon get so much rain every year?

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