Ice Cream!

Today, the entire class made homemade ice cream. The ingredients that we used are milk, sugar, snow, and a special type of ice cream salt. We mixed the sugar and milk, then went outside and got some snow and mixed it with the milk – sugar mix. Then we poured it into cups and then we got the ice cream. We also learned about the  endothermic and exothermic processes. An endothermic process is when an energy absorbs into a closed system. An exothermic process is basically the opposite, when a system has a process or reaction that releases energy into it’s surroundings.

I was in a group with Maddy and Analie, we went outside, grabbed the snow, and started to shake the substance around to make ice cream. At first we were having problems with it because it wasn’t freezing, and then we were able to get it colder. What was satisfying for me was the process of making it. It was coo to see how you could make ice cream. And, the result was great. When we were gathering the snow for the ice cream, Shane said that the snow was about 30 degrees, meaning that the snow was warmer than the air.  I think that this was one of my favorite projects so far.


  • How do people make ice cream in the shops, because I think it’s different from this.
  • How did people discover the two processes?
  • Who created Ice cream? They are a genius.


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